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Treaties, Taxes & Reservations

Welcome to an audio-visual experience that tells an Indigenous story of North America. The creation of treaties, Indian Reservations and the expansion of Indian Residential Schools will be part of this 2-3 hour Indigenous presentation.  Our goal is to have a learning experience in a collective setting with an Indigenous medicine person. The presentation will follow Indigenous Ways  of learning with ceremonial practices and sacred ways of teaching. We will reserve the final hour for an open question and answer period.

Mental Health & Spiritual Wellness

We offer an Indigenous perspective on mental health and spiritual wellness. Although issues like anxiety, depression and hopelessness may not be new to psychotherapists, they have become more common in recent times. This presentation helps us understand the connection between spirit and emotion. Our methodology examines how these connections work and how they can become disconnected through various forms of trauma. We use sacred medicines in a sacred way to help you learn how to protect your own sacred being.

Indigenous cultures & Relationships

Over the past few decades there have been many reports and recommendations on the living conditions and the overall health of Indigenous people. Some of these recommendations reach organizations, First Nations, and the pubic sector. However, with recent history in mind, it is often difficult to build significant ways forward. Land acknowledgements are meaningless if elders and others cannot afford homes on their own land. Apologies are baseless if Indigenous identity and cultural practices are not respected. We offer inclusive teachings on how society and Indigenous Ways can move forward together.


We are family based and community driven. We are independent, Indigenous and we aim to inspire. As Indigenous medicine people we practice a sacred way of living so that we can teach a sacred way of being.



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