Indigenous Ways of Healing

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We Teach You How to Build your own Medicine lodge



Cleansing your spirit is as important as cleansing your body. With spirit we do more than cope - we heal.



Being in the moment is being present. One of the greatest gifts we were given was our ability to make choices.



Teaching and learning goes nowhere without movement. We put in the work and accept the responsibilities of living.

It's Your Fire You Should Build it

Our Cultural Workshops and Training Give You The Tools You Need To Take Care of You


Workshops & Training
  • Sacred Fire Teachings
  • Tipi Building
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Lodge Building
  • Medicine Teachings
  • Indigenous Ways of Learning

Indigenous Ways of Learning

Story Telling

Indigenous ways helped sustain healthy ecosystems

Sacred Teaching

Listening and learning from spirit is a sacred way of learning

Lodge Building

Indigenous ingenuity was often a combination of thought and vision

Ceremony Time

A sacred way of living includes sacred ceremonies for spirits

Guided By Spirit

We Can Ceremony Anywhere


First we agree to all the logistics like dates and location. We then ask you to participate in building your own lodge as we teach you the Indigenous methodology. We will be following the same methodology that has existed for thousands of years.

Yes. Although some people may know the lodge as a sweat lodge (because you do sweat excessively), before contact it was more commonly referred to as a medicine lodge due to the large amounts of good medicine that is shared in the lodge. 

We help you order and build a tipi of your choice. As we build it we show you the Indigenous methodology as was taught to us by Cree elders from the plains.

A sacred fire is built and cared for with Indigenous medicine and in good spirit. It is a reciprocal relationship wherein the spirit of the fire brings us good medicine.

No, it is not a religion. First, it is not institutional with fixed rules or man-made laws. Anyone and everyone is a part of spirituality, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference. Indigenous spirituality is not owned, defined or ruled – it is shared, inclusive and organic.

An elder can be a medicine person, and a knowledge keeper. Likewise, a medicine person can be a knowledge keeper and an elder at the same time. You don’t have to be an elder or a medicine person to be a knowledge keeper. Good medicine people and good elders don’t keep their knowledge to themselves, they share their knowledge with people who accept the responsibility of learning.





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